GLOBAL MILBON PREMIUM Indulging Hydration Shampoo

Optimal hydration with the luxurious lather of creamy shampoo.
Deeply hydrates the hair for enviable softness.

Indulge with the blessing of hydration.

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Product Types

Leave-in Treatment

How To Use

Lather shampoo in your palms, apply to hair and scalp, and massage. Add a small amount of warm water to spread the lather all the way to the tips of the hair.


  • SSVR Complex
    Consists of SSVR-Silk and SSVR-Collagen, sourced from natural derived silk and collagen with enhanced affinity and improved penetration. SSVR Complex penetrates the shaft with its high affinity to repair hair’s inner porosity and to improve hair’s overall integrity, inside and out.
  • Water Weed Extract – Aphanothece Sacrum, known to grow only in the clearest spring water, excels in water retention. Carefully selected and sources in Japan for deeply hydrated hair.