PLARMIA Clear Spa Foam

High concentrated carbonate foam, deeply clean the dermis layer of scalp. Giving the scalp a soothing relaxation, promote blood circulation.

*Use twice (2) a week


Focus on different solution to against the changes due to aging. Adhere to find effective formula dedicated to maintaining healthy scalp, and beautiful hair.

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Product Types


How To Use

  1. Thoroughly pre-wash before using clear-spa foam.
  2. Shake well and pump out the sufficient volume of the foam. Kindly put the bottle in vertical position while pumping out.
  3. Follow the scalp massage step, placing 2 to 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


  • Black Soybean – Specially designed for daily use in hair and scalp. The main component of “Black Soybean” is rich of Isoflavone and Anthocyanin. Furthermore, “Persimmon tannin” help to enhance the effectiveness of cleansing power.
  • Persimmon Tannin – Cleansing ingredient (remove and wash up odors easily, scalp odor suppression issue)