Nigelle Jelly H

Adds a glossy and a slightly wet look. Makes it easy to bunch and hold strands together.


A jelly type hair wax for glistening texture and movement.

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How To Use

Use on dry hair.

  1. Take 1 push in the palm, spread in so that both hands are soaked in, then apply.
  2. In accordance with the aim of wetness, will add one push at a time
  3. Estimated usage 1 – 3 push
  4. Passing your fingers from the inside of the hair many times, with the tip of the hair from the middle repeated,
  5. Apply the surface of the hair so as to slide the palm of your hand. Do not partly apply it like a normal wax, make it well suited to the whole hair, create a wet texture.
  6. Finally, swing the hair bundle from the root, pinch the hair bundle, and make a movement.