MyForce Customized Heat Memory Care

Use heat energy to suppress fizziness and for more hair care effects like no damage, softness, and continuous easy management.

*If used consistently, the end of hair will be free of tangles, product hair that is easy to manage.


Keep your hair manageable with the energy of heat.

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Product Types

Leave-in Treatment

How To Use

  1. Wash your hair with your own shampoo. Hold your hair after rinsing and dry it gently.
  2. Apply Heat Memory Care to your middle and ends of hair, and then spread it all over your hair. After that, let it hydrate and then finishing (It’ll get slightly warm when exposed to water)
  3. Do not rinse. Overlap with other conditioner, and dry.
  4. The next morning, style your hair with a hair iron as usual.

*Please use it once every 3 days to make the effect last longer.


  • Ethylene carbonate, Propylene carbonate – Hair protection ingredients
  • Acetyl glucosamine – Hair protection ingredient
  • Heat condensation = the condition in which proteins in hair become condensed and stiff due to heat