Global Milbon Creative Style Finish (6, 10)

Hair style created is long lasting.

  • Global Milbon Finish Medium Hold Hairspray 6 – Adds flexible hold & leaves hair brushable, touchable & workable without being sticky or stiff.
  • Global Milbon Finish Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 10 – Provides a powerful hold to defy frizz and instantly lock in any gravity-defying hair styles.
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Global Milbon Creative Style series that design beauty with hair that shines 360 degrees.

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How To Use

Spray where you wish to keep the design and style.

Change the distance from hair depending on the texture you want to achieve.

<To keep a style with soft hold>

  • Keep the bottle 20-30cm away from hair and apply while lifting hair.

<To keep a style with strong hold>

  • Keep the bottle 10-15cm away from hair and apply in small applications while picking strands up with your fingers.