ELUJUDA Bleach Care Gel Serum

Oil based products that provide suppleness and manageability to different types of hair.
Suitable for Rough, stiff hair that gets frizzy and overly voluminous <Normal ~ Coarse Hair>


Give your bleached hair color design suppleness and manageability.

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Product Types

Leave-in Treatment

How To Use

Short: 1 pump | Medium: 2 pumps | Long: 3 pumps

  1. Take up an appropriate amount into your palms and run it through towel-dried hair from the mid-lengths to the ends using your fingers.
  2. Blow dry your hair while running your fingers through it to align the ends.


  • Achieve soft and manageable finish with emulsified glycerin formulation
  • Gel-like serum
  • Achieve soft texture with cation complex (hair conditioner ingredient) in Gel Serum