CRONNA Sparkling Scalp Essence

Get closer to achieving shiny black hair with popping foamy scalp essence. Focus on [Scalp Flora] the roots of beautiful hair. Eliminate scalp odor with the fragrance of flowers. Turn tedious scalp care into a fun routine today!


Flora-inspired scalp care. Glossy black hair while caring for scalp odor.

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How To Use

1. Shaking the can horizontally strongly would create hyaluronic carbonated foam in the can.
2. Apply on scalp after towel drying for approximately 1s per area.
3. Using the pads of the fingers, massage into scalp using a handpress technique until popping sound fades.

*Sensitive scalp might experience a tightening sensation. Do not use directly on scalp in this event but dispense onto hand before applying.


  • Perilla leaf extract – Moisturizing component
  • Hyaluronic acid Na – Moisturizing component
  • Carbon dioxide – Spray component (Carbonated concentration: Approx. 12000ppm)
  • Up to the genus stratum corneum